About Talawa Technique



Talawa Technique is a fully codified and examinable technique for Africanistic kinaesthetic movement.

The Talawa Technique seamlessly merges ancestral movements, culturally contextualized vocabulary and contemporary movement sensibilities. It bridges the gap between “urban freestyling”, traditional, and contemporary dance.  Thus offering a fused approach to stylized movement for stage and art production.

Talawa Technique uniquely combines rhythmic structures, a specialized approach to grounding and traditional African Aesthetic movement qualities. Such as: trembling, shaking, undulating and pulsating.

The Talawa Technique makes a clear distinction between aesthetical and technical choices. This allows the dancer to develop full ownership of their bodies natural bends and curves. Connecting them to history and culture in an empowering way. Dancers are guided to skillfully master multiple isolations and polyrhythmic articulations, alongside breaking down mental and cultural barriers, in order to free movement. The technique uses knowledge and culture as a liberating tool, creating confident performers, who embrace their own identities as well as the multiple identities of africanistic movement.


In Tabanka we aspire to draw heavily from the movement elements from disclosed and tabooed danced rituals from Africa and the Caribbean. Vibrations that stems from deep within the body, polyrhythm, hip rotations and the rituals extreme contrasts will blend into black bodies danced rituals to fit into Norway and the West. Sometimes in reactions, other times in harmony or dissonance. The dancer´s flow, vibrations, transitions and breaks will be felt and noticed through many senses, also those that do not have traditions in the West.

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