Amie Mbye
Age: 19
Origin: Gambia
Member since: 2009
Ensemble position: Principle dancer
  • dancehall, senegambian vocabulary, traditional african,afrojazz, african-contemporary, reggae,contemporary-reggae hiphop, afro-house, ndombolo, coupe decale, kwaito, traditional carribean dance, zouk
Additional info:
  • Educated at Tabanka school.
  • Studying nursing at Oslo and Akerhus University College of Applied Sciences.
Why I dance:
 I dance because dancing is my passion. Dancing is me. Dancing is unlimited, and I want to learn as much as possible. Through dancing, I have learned a lot about myself, my culture and my ancestors’ history. Dance helps me to express the feelings that are difficult to express in words. Whenever I hear music, I can not help but dance. The music takes over my body, my mind, my soul and it sets me free.
Advice for future dancers:
Set yourself a goal and work hard to achieve the goal.
If you face an obstacle, never give up.
Believe in yourself, take risks and be open to new things.
Never limit yourself! Be humble, positive and curious. Get inspiration from everyday life. Keep your eyes open, and never forget that you can learn from everyone.


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