Joel Ramirez

Age: 20

Origin: Dominican Republic/Tanzania

Member since: 2010

Ensemble position: Principle Dancer

Talawa-technique level: Master Student


  • Caribbean: Contemporary, Modern, Traditional, Folk, Folkloric, Stylized and commercial
  • African: Contemporary, Modern, Traditional, Folk, Folkloric, Stylized and commercial
  • Hip Hop, Afro house, Afro jazz

Why I dance?:

I dance because it is a natural part of me. I dance when I’m angry, sad, happy. It reflects how I am, as a person, and it is a gift to be able express how I feel, without saying a word. That is why I love to dance! Dance has the power to turn something negative into art. I dance to make my life a story, That way i can look at every down in my life, and learn from it. I can dance my downs into my ups. My hates into my loves. Dance my life, is life, my life.

Advice for future dancers:

My advice its to look at your goal and nothing else. Believe in yourself. I believe that every person can be whatever they want to be in life. The only one who can stop you, is you. The formulae is to work and that is the main element that separates those who make it from those who do not.

  1. Work
  2. Sacrifice
  3. Dedication