Pearl Thelma Theresa Tawiah

Position: Principal Dancer & Master Student

Born: 1988

Origin: Ghana/Togo

Founding Member

I have been a member of the Tabanka Family, for almost 10 years now, but I have been with Thomas and dancing for about 16 years now…. yes Im old leave me.


  • Dancehall, Traditional african,afrojazz, african-contemporary, reggae,contemporary-reggae, hiphop, afro-house, ndombolo, coupe decale, kwaito, traditional carribean dance, zouk

Additional info:

  • Educated at Talawa School for Africanistic Dance.

Why I Dance:

My passion for dance, is the joy you get from dancing, dance is a form of expressing myself !!! All the unspoken words and things that need to come out, but don’t know how to say and express them, dance does that for me and to me. I love dancing!heart

Hope you all enjoy our new webpage, stay tuned for upcoming events, especially Our One-hour show coming up from 11-16 November, Bring your family and friends Everybody.