Wolman Michelle Luciano

Born: 1991

Member since: 2008

Ensemble position:

  • Principle Grand Master Dancer

Talawa-technique level:

  • Grand Master


  • Dominican Republic


  • Caribbean: Contemporary, Modern, Traditional, Folk, Folkloric, Stylized and commercial
  • African: Contemporary, Modern, Traditional, Folk, Folkloric, Stylized and commercial
  • African-American: Contemporary, Modern, Traditional, Folk, Folkloric, Stylized and commercial

Additional Info:

One of the two first Norwegian educated dancers specialized on african aesthetics in dance from the 1900’s til now. Educated at Tabanka school and NTNU in Trondheim.

Why I Dance: 

I dance because it is who and what i am. I breathe dance in every single second and minute. I knew from a young age that I wanted to dedicate my life to dance, and Tabanka has made that possible in the best way. It is an amazing feeling and honor to carry our ancestors legacy and history through generations. They fought for dance, because they believed in the freedom of dance and the healing it brings. The joy it gives us as people and the ability we gain through dance, allowing us to touch other peoples life. Dance is the best way to express yourself, you thoughts and your emotions. Move, speak….BE!!!


Advice for future dancers:

The secret to success is that there is no secret. The key is to be humble, positive, and down to earth. Be 200% focused and dedicated to what you love, and what you love to do. And surround yourself with people who have the same loves. Do not let anyone try or succeed in making you less than what and who you are.

Break the comfort zone, always push forward. Make yourself able to give and receive love and control your pride so that you gracefully accept the help given by those who love and support you, and share of yourself in order to give back to them and others.