Somewhat unique in the technique is also the focus on oral and written material, related to the history, culture and aesthetics related to the different basic dance techniques and styles. The technique firmly believes that a movement done with the knowledge of its history, the culture that spawned it, and the experience of its original dancers, is infinitely more infused with power, spirit, intention, intent and motif than movement simply executed because of the choreographers wishes.

Traditional African and Caribbean moves, has always served a function, they have meaning to the community and speaks to our blood and our very soul. They are the retentions and secret behind our ancestors survival and success. To remove this memory, this power, this ancestral connection, from the dance, is to remove the vital energy of the dance. It is like Carnival without costumes, summer without sun, food with no salt, it is like Tea brewed on cold water. With the ancestors dancing g with us, the dance exist in the past, present and future at the same time, lifting it, where we blend with our grandparents and children, much in the same way as the rhythms blend to create envigorating polyrhythms

Thomas Talawa Prestø¸ 2002