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31 Aug 2014

Short intro to Tabanka

The Technique seamlessly merges ancestral movements, historical and culturally contextualized vocabulary with contemporary African and Diaspora movement and sensibilities. It bridges the gap between “urban freestyling” and traditional dance. It offers a fused approach to stylized movement for stage and art production. The Talawa movement vocabulary stays true to Africanist dance heritage, rooting down towards the ground. The Talawa Technique performance is often characterized by a heavy strength that draws power from the support of the earth below our feet. […]

31 Aug 2014
22 Oct 2012


On Friday on primetime live televison, 6 of Tabanka’s dancers (Pearl Tawiah, Mercy Akadimah, Amie Mbye, Luciano WolmanWolman Michelle Luciano, Joel Ramirez & Aliochy Cabodevilla) had the privilage and honor to dance for Tuva from the Norwegian band Valkyrien Allstars on the TV-show ‘Stjernekamp’ (“star battle”) – which is a celebrity version of ‘Idol.’ The theme of the night was Norwegian folkmusic and reggae. Yours truly were invited to make a choreography for the Tanya Stephens song ‘It’s a Pity’ and […]