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04 Nov 2013

Baloji – The Wizard of Congo

Photo credit: OSLO WORLD Oslo World Music Festival really scored with this one. On Thursday, October 31st the wizard [BalojiĀ means wizard in Swahili] took the stage at Parkteateret scene. Baloji was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and moved with his father to Belgium at the age of 4. Even though living most of his life both in Belgium and France, he was always aware of his Congolese roots. In 2004, he quit music to focus on other […]

29 Oct 2013


Pleasant Conversation is, and has become one of Tabanka’s staple choreographies. It’s a chorography that speaks volumes, moves oceans and grabs your attention. Between the hypnotizing music and the grounded movement, the resistance and the strong body language, Pleasant Conversation is a piece that leaves you with an impression. A big one. Tuesday October 29th, dancers Aliochy Cabodevilla, Amie Mbye, Joel Ramirez, Lacky Mohamed, Luciano Wolman, Mercy Akadimah and Peal Tawiah will be performing Pleasant Conversation at Oslo World Music […]